Fall 2022 IT 4983-W01 Capstone: GTRI IT Management Web Application

Fall 2022

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to create the framework for an opensource web-based application meant to be used as an all-purpose IT management tool. The goal is for the deliverable to act as a free, opensource method for small IT management teams, one that allows for future developers to add on features including licensing, asset tracking, issue management and tickets, self-service software configuration, etc. This framework needs to be easily readable and extensible, as the intention is that we will build the baseline website structure for future developers to add these IT management functions into the application. This project will be done using a specific coding stack, with the front-end design using tools such as Bootstrap and jQuery while the backend relies on PHP (potentially with Laravel as a PHP framework).

A database schema meant to collect and send data to the website will be created and implemented through MySQL, with the intention of this database being used for any application purposes. The database will be used for a user registration and log-in system, which will require secure hash to protect. Since the goal of this project is to create an opensource tool anyone could easily use, caution will be taken about library usage, and a strong opensource license must be established to allow for others to easily modify and redistribute this application.

For the first Milestone, we will work on setting up the tools needed for this project and practicing with the assigned coding stack. We will also design a mock-up for the website’s design and functionality. After this, Milestone 2 will focus on creating the baseline code for the website, on both the front-end and back-end of development. This includes creating and implementing a database schema, as well as creating the user registration and log-in system. We will also decide on a proper licensing model for the completed web application. The final Milestone will focus on finishing the web application fully. If we have extra time due to us staying on schedule, we may incorporate one of the IT management tools as an example onto the web application, such as asset tracking.

Video Playlist

Demo For Milestone 2
Demo For Milestone 3
Final Presentation
KennTek Setup Demo

Contact List

Matthew Pinkston of GTRI (contacted through Allison Boyle)
Project Owner



Joshua Oliver
Group Leader


Kendra Hansford-Bellamy
Technical Writer


Teryn Bryant
Backend Expert


Terrell McGilberry
Frontend Technician


Renate Hamrick
Database Technician


Donald Privitera


Final Deliverables

  1. The baseline web application, including its front-end design and structure, its back-end coding and database integration, and a secure user registration/log-in feature. As stated, this website needs to act as an easily readable and extendable framework for future development of IT management tools.
  2. All of the code written for the web application and any database schema created.


  1. Due by 9/25/2022:
    • Determine what tools will be used for managing the project (file sharing tools like GitHub, communication tools like Microsoft Teams)
    • Familiarize and practice with coding stack languages (Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, etc.)
    • Set up environment for testing, building, and demoing the application
    • Create a mock-up design for the website’s overall structure, appearance, and functionality
  2. Due by 10/23/2022:
    • Build easily readable and extensible baseline code that establishes the website’s look, feel, and functionality, in addition to allowing for future application development
    • Implement a user registration and log-in system with security features in place
    • Determine a licensing model for the project to use
  3. Due by 11/20/2022:
    • Finish the baseline of the web application, reaching a final state where the structure allows for easy integration of IT management tools to the application
    • Document all the code and database schema information in a package that can be presented to the sponsor